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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to get something done – the GLS LOC should be your first port of call. It provides access to the tools and solutions you need to get more done. Our costs are hugely disruptive – budget is almost never an issue when it comes to accessing our resources.  

Whether it be access to a template, proofreading solutions, a checklist … all the way through to AI based software to review contracts or manage external providers – the LOC has a curated selection of world class solutions. 

Our solution focus is really very simple – if it is a tool needed or a challenge faced by “most” in-house legal teams – our goal is to make a disruptive solution available. Currently we have more than 800+ solutions available. If we have a solution - you can find in seconds. 

The LOC also recognises the budgetary pressures most in-house teams face. With the best will in the world – most legal teams will never have the budget to amass the range of tools & solutions we offer. So, no need to try and create it yourself  - we’ve already done it for you – just plug into the GLS LOC and enjoy world class solutions that allow you to perform better.  


Good question, and there is not a “one size fits all” answer. Our Products exist as standalone options which can be plugged into your existing operations on an ad hoc basis to instantly reduce “grind” and let your legal team focus on their day jobs. 


For many, individual Products represent a gateway to adopting a full Plan approach. I.e. they act as proof of concept to validate unlocking further transformational gains. 


However, do remember that we have applied discounts to the Plans so that they represent savings of > 30% when compared against buying the Products individually. 


We also provide a “Freemium option” for the Plans – take our free Trial Plan for a quick look at some instant, free and automated IHL transformation resources and technology. 

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