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In-House Careers: Review Your Performance

Turbo charge your career with meaningful reflection

2 minutes • 27 Nov 23


In-House Legal Tip:  Getting better means actively looking for ways to improve. Taking time to do so as in-house counsel is difficult given constant busyness. 

Regularly reviewing your performance as an in-house lawyer is crucial for both personal and professional growth. In many respects – it is actually a career superpower.

By taking a few minutes each week to consider your own performance you equip yourself with a continuous self-awareness that primes you for spectacular progression.

Regularly identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your legal skills places you in poll position to:

  • stay on top of evolving laws and industry trends
  • develop a proactive approach to professional development
  • more efficiently acquire what you need to address skills gaps and enhance your legal expertise
  • align your work with the strategic aspirations of your legal team/Business.

Given the incredibly dynamic environment that in-house team are operating the skill of constant self-reflection is increasingly important.

So, take 5 minutes a week and ask yourself:

  • how you are getting on?
  • what did you do really well?
  • what were you not happy with?
  • what new skills would help you
  • are there changes afoot that you need to adapt to.

Then act accordingly.

Great careers do not just happen. They are planned and intentionally brought into existence.  

5 minutes a week on self reflection that leads to positive action will set you apart from 90% of in-house lawyers.

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In the interim, here are 7 resources and tools that may assist you as you transform the performance capabilities of your legal team:

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3. GLS Knowledge Centre: click HERE to access lots of informative and instructive white papers, blogs and training resources etc. - all focused on helping to improve your legal team's performance

4. GLS Legal Operations Community: join the GLS Legal Operations Community and collaborate with other in-house leaders as they seek to tackle many of the same performance issues that you face, click here to JOIN NOW

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