GLS Internal Client Function Efficiency Report™ (Delivered)

A full report on the efficiency of your compliance department

The Problem

Your legal team needs to improve its internal client relationships.

Related challenges include:

  • to improve you must undertake a “current status” assessment
  • legal department “how to guides” are not commonly available
  • objectively assessing your own performance is not easy
  • you are not sure of what performance audit criteria to use
  • you are not clear how your internal client  function benchmarks against peer businesses
  • finding time to conduct an audit comes on top of existing workloads
  • you know good diagnostic tools provide actionable insights
  • your team wants to do more strategic work but just cannot find the time

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access a comprehensive diagnostic tool that allows you to generate actionable insights for your team? 

The GLS Solution

GLS Internal Client Function Efficiency Report™ (Delivered) is a fully managed bespoke reporting solution that objectively, fairly and honestly assesses the current performance levels of your internal client relationships and provides practical recommendations on how to achieve powerful performance improvements. 

Transforming the performance of your internal client relationships requires understanding your current position. This report provides a data-based report on how effective you are deploying your team's resourcing to optimizing your relationships with the internal client audience and benchmarks it against best practice. 

With a particular focus on common potential inefficiency scenarios, in light of benchmark data, we are able to identify practical productivity optimization strategies – with an emphasis on what is practical and what is known to work. 

Our comprehensive diagnostic modules are deployed to your internal stakeholders via desktop surveys that generate thousands of data points – along with selective 1-hour long key stakeholder interviews. 

The performance criteria against which our report is prepared is that of a world class “performance optimized” legal support function. As result the report provides provide you with:

  • a powerful reference model of what a fully optimized client relationship function would look like;
  • a detailed view of the critical resources that enable and drive internal client relationships optimization;
  • an assessment of the presence and/or current performance of your resources;
  • an assessment of the productivity consequences of your current state client relationship landscape;
  • best practice markers for key department features and basic recommendations on performance initiatives; and
  • clearly identified and logical intervention/optimization scenarios to drive function productivity.

This solution provides you the authority of an expert third party voice on the current state of your internal client relationships in an objective and transparent manner. This makes it easier for you internally to justify the resources your team needs. 

Critically, there are no ‘negative’ findings – just blueprint recommendations for your team to achieve better, more, faster and cheaper legal dept. operations. Our optimisation recommendations are intentionally pragmatic and backed by performance data that speak to productivity strategies that actually work. 

This solution helps prepare you to pro-actively face the future on your own terms and increase the strategic relevance of your team. If you are serious about legal team transformation, this is an essential first step initiative. 

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

Fully Delivered Internal Client Function Performance Report:We produce a detailed performance report according to our proprietary diagnostic and reporting methodologies.
Advanced Diagnostic Tools:We use a detailed suite of online / e-format audit tools designed to help us detailed performance data from your team. You can select the diagnostic level that you wish to apply – see SLA below. We host the collection of the online questionnaire feedback. 
Primary Data Sources:Our diagnostic tools can be sent to any number of internal legal team members. Similarly, we can conduct variable numbers of one to one interviews with key internal stakeholders – typically legal team and internal client representatives. In both cases the solution costs dynamically adjust depending on your preferences. See the SLA below for our recommended parameters.  
One To One Interviews:Strategic and sympathetic ‘one to one’ interviews with key legal function stakeholders to ensure that their voice, concerns and requirements are factored into the overall report and associated recommendations.
GLS Legal Transformation Tube Map Modelling:Our diagnostic modules draw from GLS’ market leading legal department performance analysis module – the GLS Legal Transformation Tube Map – which you can find here
GLS Delivery Methodologies:GLS deploys its own project methodologies that ensure minimal disruption to the workplace whilst obtaining maximum qualitative and quantitative data yields. It is a condition of this solution that GLS methodologies are strictly adhered to.
Written Report:Our written report follows the same approach as any scientific findings report. We set out the methodology, participants, raw findings, finding interpretations and then offer recommendations on improvement pathways. 
Report Presentation:We don’t just present your report – we provide a 2 hour workshop to present of our report findings and to allow you to engage in detailed Q&A.  

Solution SLA Options and US$ Pricing

Column oneColumn twoColumn threeColumn fourColumn five
Diagnostic Questions150
Online Survey Recipients5
1 to 1 Interviews (1hr sessions)2
GLS Written Report
Findings Presentation
Price (excl. VAT)$9,999

Pricing Comparison

What would you get from your law firm for this amount … or from McKinsey’s for that matter? See our pricing comparison below in terms of what you would get for $9,999.

Big Law ReviewUS RateGLS CostMinutes
Partner$850$9,99911h 46m
Senior Associate$640$9,99915h 36m
Blended Rate$520$9,99919h 12m
Associate$480$9,99920h 50m
Junior Associate$420$9,99923h 48m

GLS RPLV Legal Operations Score

This solution’s GLS RPLV impact score:

Resource Status: Specialist Repeater Formative
Ease of Implementation: Complex Average Easy
Value Demonstration/Visibility: Low Medium High
Productivity Leverage Profile: Low Medium High
IHL Line Optimisation: Single Multiple All Lines

IHL Critical Function Optimisation Targets

This solution enhances performance across the following critical in-house functions:

In-House Legal: Critical Functions / Processes

General Counsel



Human Capital


Internal Client

GLS has identified 15 critical in-house processes/functions that are present in every world-class legal department. To learn what these functions are, their composition and how they interrelate to deliver efficient legal team performance outcomes - visit here.

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