Distribution Agreement


The Problem

You need a Distribution Agreement!

Related challenges include:  

  • you face significant time pressure to implement your distribution agreement
  • distribution rights can be extremely valuable so you need to secure it properly
  • you know a quality document is crucial to a successful commercial arrangement
  • precedents are available online, but they are of dubious quality and aren’t tailored to your needs
  • you do not have significant budget for external support
  • a distribution agreement can be both simple and complex
  • it may be the first time you have done this type of deal

Cancel those plans as another unnecessary night of cobbling something together lies ahead. Hopefully it will do… 

The GLS Solution

This template provides a detailed framework for a broad range of distribution scenarios and is drafted from the Distributors perspective. 

One of the greatest threats to a successful distribution arrangement is a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities. 

Our distribution template helps you address all of the key issues that commonly arise in a distribution scenario including:

  • purpose and objectives of the distribution arrangements
  • appointment of the distributor
  • territories and exclusivity arrangements
  • distributor support scenarios
  • products for distribution
  • performance requirement (if any)
  • distributors responsibilities
  • warranties and representations
  • non-circumvention scenarios
  • conditions of sales
  • pricing and price adjustments
  • repurchase of products
  • promotions and promotional materials
  • sales and service support
  • termination scenarios
  • IPR provisions
  • after sales service and maintenance

Bonus Inclusion: This GLS solution is more than just a template - it also includes a 30 minute consult with a legal expert. 

Better, faster, safer, cheaper!

GLS - Law Rewritten

Solution Deliverables

Instant Delivery:

Your template will be promptly emailed to you and uploaded to your personal account on this GLS Website.

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World class templates, created by world class lawyers with decades of experience at the world’s best law firms.

My Account:

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Expert Consult:

A 30 minute consultation with an in-house legal expert to address any issues related to your document solution.

Discount Rate:

As a user of this Document Solution you are entitled to a 10% discount on any engagement you enter with GLS Law Firm.

Constant Updates:

All our templates are regularly updated to capture emerging market practices.

Pricing Comparison

GLS provides a world class template plus some expert support for just $299. What could your law firm provide you for $299? Well, see below.

Big Law ReviewUS RateGLS CostMinutes
Partner$850$2990h 21m
Senior Associate$640$2990h 28m
Blended Rate$520$2990h 34m
Associate$480$2990h 37m
Junior Associate$420$2990h 43m

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