In-House Legal Tip: Write down your Policies

1 min • 19 Apr 23


Most people dislike the impact of excessive policies on their lives. However, in the in-house legal environment, a good “policy foundation” is a pre-requisite for optimal team performance. 

All too often many in-house legal teams fail to commit essential tasks, processes and outcomes to a policy format i.e. “in writing that is available to those that need it”. 

The results are less than ideal outcomes, including:

  1. Uncertainty: regarding positions, processes, outcomes, etc.
  2. Delegation: is impaired due to the inherent uncertainty as to who, what, where and how things are to be done.
  3. Informal: policies carried in one’s head are merely preferences.
  4. Tool Adoption: an inability to define the process rules required to deploy legal tech e.g. CLMS, automation, A.I. review tools.
  5. Productivity: is adversely impacted by the above.
  6. Compliance: is harmed by the above.

The in-house legal environment is one of the few domains where performance genuinely depends on the quality of your policy infrastructure. 

Whilst we all might have a love/hate relationship with policies – if your legal team does not have the right policy foundation – it is simply wading in treacle. 

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