1 min • 13 Jul 23


Further to our CYBERCRIME SAFETY ADVICE article the UK's Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) has also published a warning on their official website:

Warning: Website for 'GLS Law Company'/'Global Law Solutions' claiming to be a law firm

The SRA has also confirmed that it does not authorize or regulate any firms under the names “GLS Law Company” or “Global Law Solutions”, nor do they nor does it authorise solicitors  named “Harvey Willis”, “Jacob Mathews”, “Mike Specter”, “Eva Zlotnik” or “Sophia Novak”. Those names being the names associated with the scam. 

To ensure the authenticity of any communication, we recommend contacting our genuine firm, directly through established and reliable channels like our official website. 

For additional verification or to confirm the regulated status of individuals or firms, you may also reach out to the SRA. We urge the public to remain vigilant and refer to official sources for accurate information.

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