GLS RPLV Decision Making Framework™

A framework for legal team leadership decision making

The Problem

Old style legal team management is no longer as effective - a new framework for legal team leadership decision making is required. 

Related challenges include:

  • your legal team must “up its game” - no easy feat given your inevitably limited resources
  • more is expected of your team than ever before … and demonstrably so
  • you see other business units becoming the subject of transformation and rationalisation
  • you know legal team management practices draw too heavily on a bygone era
  • you need a decision making framework that optimises team performance and drives transformation
  • the literature on “in-house legal team leadership” is sparse and outdated
  • few industry bodies focus on the discipline of “in-house leadership" skills
  • like always, you have limited time to invest in “upskilling” your team

Wouldn't it be good if someone was able to pull together a training and know-how module of the best and most uptodate thinking in this area? 

The GLS Solution

The GLS RPLV Decision Making Framework™ is a free module that introduces in-house legal teams to GLS's proprietary legal team resource allocation and prioritisation decision-making framework that we developed to help guide your team’s journey from “Old Law” to “New Law” - where so much more is possible with so much less.

All In-House teams need a simple, effective and easy-to-implement strategy over which they can exert maximum control to guide their journey from the Old Law to the New Law. Accordingly, GLS strongly recommends In-House teams use the entirely non-invasive (and free) RPLV decision-making framework as a means of driving maximum legal resource expression.

The Constituent Ingredients of our RPLV decision making framework are: 

  • Resources: Identify all available legal resources and a plan to optimise them
  • Prioritisation: Decisions made by reference to an approved domain of responsibility
  • Leverage: Active consideration of the “leverage profile” of your legal resources
  • Validation: Active consideration of how easy it will be to verify and demonstrate the associated resource performance outcomes

RPLV places in-house team decision-making into a strategic transformation framework which allows for small and effective resource optimisation steps to be identified, and missteps to be avoided.

RPLV decision making can be understood in as little as 10 minutes. It can be instantly applied and we believe that applying this decision making framework can, over a 12 month period of consistent use, boost the average legal team's productivity by 30%+. 

So, if you are looking for a decision making framework that helps you to seamlessly transform the performance of your team - consider GLS's RPLV Decision Making Framework.  

Problem Solved.

Solution SLA Options and US$ Pricing

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GLS RPLV Decision Making White Paper
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GLS RPLV Legal Operations Score

This solution’s GLS RPLV impact score:

Resource Status: Specialist Repeater Formative
Ease of Implementation: Complex Average Easy
Value Demonstration/Visibility: Low Medium High
Productivity Leverage Profile: Low Medium High
IHL Line Optimisation: Single Multiple All Lines

IHL Critical Function Optimisation Targets

This solution enhances performance across the following critical in-house functions:

In-House Legal: Critical Functions / Processes

General Counsel


Legal Tech


Managed Service

Human Capital

Data Analytics

Legal Operations

Service Provider



Co. Sec.


Internal Client


GLS has identified 15 critical in-house processes/functions that are present in every world-class legal department. To learn what these functions are, their composition and how they interrelate to deliver efficient legal team performance outcomes - visit here.

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