GLS New Team Member™

A world class hire that can start tomorrow

The Problem

You need to hire a new in-house legal resource. The recruitment process is slow, expensive and does not always result in a great hire.  

Related challenges include:  

  • the hiring process further depletes the already limited capacity of your in-house team
  • a bad hire can be extremely disruptive to your existing team and impact your ecosystem
  • even with a good hire, paying a recruiter 20-25% of annual salary is outrageous
  • candidates that look good on paper and interview may still fail to perform once hired
  • even if you find the ideal candidate, you may still have to wait out their notice period
  • removing bad hires comes at a significant cost in terms of time, energy and dollars
  • the value-add proposition of a recruiter is tenuous at best

Wouldn’t it be great if that perfect lawyer could walk into your office tomorrow morning, stay for as long or as short as you like – all without you having to pay a legal recruiter? Now they can. 

The GLS Solution

GLS New Team Member™ is your pain free way of finding that ideal team member without any traditional recruitment fees.

GLS New Team Member™ lets you confirm that a candidate is the right fit for your ecosystem before you hire them.

GLS New Team Member™ provides you with a GLS lawyer that matches the desired profile of your new team member – solving the immediate resourcing need and the new team hire at the same time. 

GLS New Team Member™ provides you with the CVs of a range of top class lawyers within minutes.  

Where our lawyer matches your requirements, they can start immediately.

GLS New Team Member™ let's you try as many lawyers as you like before committing to recruiting a candidate. 

GLS New Team Member™ means that instead of paying a recruitment fee you just pay15% annual salary as credit to be used on any GLS services, globally. 

Problem solved. 

Solution Deliverables

Immediate Response:GLS New Team Member™ provides you with immediate support from a brilliant lawyer. This then provides the context for a low risk strategic hire.
Role Trialing:Our consultants use our proprietary diagnostic tools to closely profile the exact skills, experience and personality that you need for the permanent role.
Role Auditioning:

We supply you with a range of candidates that you can deploy into your ecosystem to establish whether they represent that perfect fit.

Effectively, you can "try before you buy", thereby eliminating "bad hire risks" which accounts for 8% of payroll in most businesses. 

GLS Group Credit:GLS New Team Member™ eliminates the traditional recruiter placement fee altogether.

Project Requirements

Please click Request Follow-Up if you would like to discuss a bespoke project so that we can contact you to discuss your requirements.

GLS RPLV Legal Operations Score

This solution’s GLS RPLV impact score:

Resource Status: Specialist Repeater Formative
Ease of Implementation: Complex Average Easy
Value Demonstration/Visibility: Low Medium High
Productivity Leverage Profile: Low Medium High
IHL Line Optimisation: Single Multiple All Lines

IHL Critical Function Optimisation Targets

This solution enhances performance across the following critical in-house functions:

In-House Legal: Critical Functions / Processes

General Counsel

Human Capital

GLS has identified 15 critical in-house processes/functions that are present in every world-class legal department. To learn what these functions are, their composition and how they interrelate to deliver efficient legal team performance outcomes - visit here.

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