Launch of the GLS Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations

2 min • 15 Feb 23


News Release: The Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations 

GLS is proud to announce the publication of our new book - "GLS's Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations" - available for immediate download. 

This Guide fills a significant hole in the literature available to in-house legal teams that are looking for practical and effective strategies to boost their performance in resource-constrained environments.

It's packed with practical strategies that you can efficiently deploy to significantly enhance your legal department’s performance with minimal resource expenditure.

For a limited time you can download it now for free right HERE

Why we wrote this book?

We wrote this book to fill the glaring hole in the literature available to the average in-house legal team looking for safe, practical and effective strategies to improve legal team performance in resource-limited environments.  

Our Guide advocates every legal team should adopt a legal ops agenda regardless of size, and mindful that most teams operate in typically resource constrained conditions.

We advocate a heavily democratized version of Legal Ops, enabled by an accessible definition of legal ops, and an emphasis on low risk/cost initiatives closely aligned to team workloads.

This is crucial as most in-house legal teams will not be able to operate a dedicated legal ops team, may only get limited support from the Biz, and already have pretty busy day jobs.


Legal Ops Experts: What people are saying.

We have received wonderfully supportive reviews from genuine legal operations experts. Here is what they have been saying:

“GLS’s book goes beyond the hype and knuckles down with practical tips on how to structure and guide the transformation of a legal department of any size. Many legal departments have various levels of maturity and the larger they are the harder it can be to decide where to start. With its Tube Map, formative stations and repeater stations, you can decide what actions will give you the best return for the effort that will undoubtedly be needed.”

Eric O’Donnell |  Head of Legal Operations |  TotalEnergies

“GLS Global is known to provide practical, transparent and cost-efficient advice. With this guide, they bring it all together under the concept of Legal Operations. It is strikingly convincing, with non-biased analytics, deconstruction and rebuilt to promote a real transformation agenda. We look forward to applying their methodology in the near term.”

Peter Hoppe | General Counsel | Rio Tinto

"A unique and powerful guide to address Legal Operations’ challenges and transform them into opportunities."

Hassan Elmiligui | Head of Legal Operations | Cap Gemini

“GLS’s Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations couldn’t be more timely. As businesses move towards an increasingly tech-driven space, stronger demand for standardisation on legal documentation, coupled with an ever more complex regulatory environment, it is imperative upon in-house legal teams to rethink their roles and the tools they need to optimise legal services and create real business value. This Ultimate Guide is a real treasure to help legal teams think through the problem statements in a structured fashion, and works as a lighthouse in search for the solutions we need.”

Diana Gan | Head of Legal | Dulwich International


Insights from the author - Matt Glynn

As the author of the Guide - I would like to share a few personal observations with you in the hope that it helps maximize the value you get from the Guide. So, here we go:  

Thought Leadership: we wrote this book to fill the glaring hole in the literature available to the average in-house legal team looking for safe, practical and effective strategies to improve legal team performance in resource-limited environments.  

US MNC Centricity: most legal ops community activity is based in North America (e.g., CLOC) and reflects the needs/priorities of extremely well-funded legal departments, which, in our view, is not representative of your average in-house legal team globally.  

Practicality: we wanted to present a version of legal ops-led transformation that is accessible to all in-house legal teams.  

Our version of transformation emphasizes safe, practical, modular, proven and actionable strategies that any legal team can implement with no/minimal external budget.

Safe To Try: we wanted to produce a Guide that avoids postulating untested "theories", which is often the case with “academic” commentators.  

Accordingly, each recommendation in the Guide is based on successful client ecosystem implementations. This fact makes our Guide a standout in-house resource.  

We are confident that the consistent application of the practical/common-sense recommendations that are set out in the Guide can deliver a material productivity increases for most legal teams. Just try for 6 months and see!  

So, if you need a framework for action to improve the performance of your legal team, we are confident that the Guide will be of value to you. It contains plenty of actionable insights that you can self-implement safely and efficiently.


Further information

For any queries or press enquiries about the GLS Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations - please reach out to [email protected].

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