New Hire Justification Business Case™ - Template

The template you need to help you get your desired headcount

The Problem

You need to convince your board / finance department to allow you to hire more personnel.

Related challenges include: 

  • your team is permanently operating beyond capacity
  • there is limited budget for additional headcount 
  • you have limited time to produce the “convincing arguments” needed to get the headcount you need to free up your team’s capacity
  • to win over the board, you will need solid arguments AND a document that is easy for them to read
  • you are happy to write a proposal, you just don’t want it to take all weekend…
  • you rarely ask for extra headcount, so are out of practice
  • there are no templates online for you to use

Cancel those plans as another unnecessary night of cobbling something together lies ahead. Hopefully it will do… 

The GLS Solution

The New Hire Justification Business Case™ template helps you to efficiently make a compelling case to add headcount for your legal team - a difficult feat for most legal teams.

In an environment where legal team leaders all too often hear a “no” to their resourcing requests., critical care must be taken in formulating legal team requests – especially headcount increases.  

New Hire Justification Business Case™ provides a clear framework for generating a compelling case for securing additional legal headcount and does so in a time efficient manner.

The template allows you to simply “plug-in” key points of information against a range of compelling reference points that experience show helps build a successful legal headcount request.

Our template provides a full universe of factors that you can consider / include as you see fit to and helps to ensure that your “case” is as compelling and precise as possible.

This template covers: job role, positive impacts, objective supporting data, comparisons to peer institutions, audits of your staff’s “current state”, consequences of not hiring, clear articulation of desired candidate(s), and drafting notes & tips. 

Let GLS provide a robust framework of considerations so that you can spend your time “fine crafting” the specifics of your headcount increase that resonate in the context of your business.

Problem Solved.

Solution Deliverables

GLS New Hire Template:

A template toolkit to help you efficiently prepare a compelling new hire justification case for your legal team.

This template focuses on the justification of new legal team members – professional staff. 


Guidance notes and drafting tips to help you craft a your business case as efficiently as possible.

Pricing Comparison

This product is a complete solution with clear deliverables for just $999. What could your law firm provide you for this price? See below to find out.

Big Law ReviewUS RateGLS CostMinutes
Partner$850$9991h 10m
Senior Associate$640$9991h 33m
Blended Rate$520$9991h 55m
Associate$480$9992h 05m
Junior Associate$420$9992h 22m

GLS RPLV Legal Operations Score

This solution’s GLS RPLV impact score:

Resource Status: Specialist Repeater Formative
Ease of Implementation: Complex Average Easy
Value Demonstration/Visibility: Low Medium High
Productivity Leverage Profile: Low Medium High
IHL Line Optimisation: Single Multiple All Lines

IHL Critical Function Optimisation Targets

This solution enhances performance across the following critical in-house functions:

In-House Legal: Critical Functions / Processes

Human Capital

General Counsel


Legal Tech


Managed Service

Data Analytics

Legal Operations

Service Provider



Co. Sec.


Internal Client


GLS has identified 15 critical in-house processes/functions that are present in every world-class legal department. To learn what these functions are, their composition and how they interrelate to deliver efficient legal team performance outcomes - visit here.

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