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In-House Legal Tip: Low Tech First - Always!

1 min • 25 Sep 23


The legal industry is undergoing a major transformation with the rise of Legal Tech. This technology promises to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate legal services.

Amidst these changes, it's crucial to emphasize the importance of "Low Tech First".

Navigating the Legal Tech Landscape

Legal Tech has generated significant excitement, but also uncertainty in the legal profession. While AI-driven solutions like Kira Systems and TurboPatent make headlines, their accessibility and effectiveness for most businesses are questioned due to cost and complexity.

The key is to adopt a more inclusive perspective on technology, recognizing the value of both low-tech and high-tech solutions.

The Significance of Low-Tech Preparation

A vital principle is to prioritize low-tech groundwork before considering high-tech solutions. Impulsive adoption of complex "Ultra-High-Legal Tech" often leads to failure. Low-tech solutions, being cost-effective, customizable, and low-risk, provide a solid foundation for high-tech enhancements.

Democratizing Legal Tech for All

Legal Tech should benefit all businesses, not just large corporations. The goal is to democratize access to legal support, drive productivity, and level the playing field. This inclusive approach aligns with the demand for doing more with less.

A Framework for Legal Tech Adoption

In summary, it's crucial to follow a structured approach to tech adoption: 

  • Identify Your Legal Priorities: Determine critical legal needs to allocate resources effectively. 
  • Focus on Low-Tech First: Implement accessible and straightforward low-tech solutions.
  • Engage Stakeholders: Ensure all parties understand the benefits and collaborate to address specific challenges.
  • Proceed Incrementally: Start with modest implementations to minimize disruption.
  • Prove Its Value: Collect data on productivity gains through low-tech solutions to justify further investment.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continuously assess the impact and refine implemented solutions.
  • Explore High-Tech: Cautiously consider high-tech solutions based on lessons learned from low-tech.

This approach increases the likelihood of successful Legal Tech adoption and fosters a culture of continuous improvement in legal operations.

In a world focused on doing more with less, Legal Tech holds the potential to create a more efficient and equitable legal landscape.


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