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In-House Legal Tip: Upskill Junior Team Members

1 min • 21 Aug 23


A common feature of high-performing in-house legal teams is the presence of exceptionally effective junior team members. Does this sound like your legal team? 

The ability to upskill junior legal talent is critical for any legal team seeking to achieve the holy trinity of performance outcomes: productivity, cost management and talent development & retention. 

Traditionally it has been accepted that private practice puts more resources into the development of their legal talent. Indeed the best private practice law firms dedicate huge budgets to the training and retention of their junior talent.  

By contrast, in-house legal departments (“IHL”) often do not have the economies of scale, or institutional structures to recreate such training programs. That said, the development of junior in-house talent is not especially difficult if approached intentionally and pro-actively. 

Each and every team member, especially junior talent, should have a tailored development plan that is actively implemented. This plan should cover a full range of skills – both hard and soft skills. 

Additionally, IHL leaders must be particularly shrewd and proactive when it comes to efficiently capturing the collective know-how of their department and making it available to junior team members via departmental tools.

Some of the best Tools available to IHL to achieve this are: 

  1. Clearly documented Group Legal Policy
  2. Contracting Playbooks
  3. Clause Banks
  4. Well maintained Template Library
  5. Matter Review Checklists
  6. Library of recordings of every training presentation ever attended by your IHL
  7. project de-briefing summaries

If you wanted to learn more how in-house legal departments can better leverage their resources (like know how and junior team members) to achieve increased productivity gains – please watch this GLS Legal Ops Masterclass: Leveraging Legal Department Resources 



Please check out the GLS solutions and know-how resources listed on the right side of this page – they might assist your legal team with the issues explored in this Blog. 

Of course, if you would like discuss your transformation needs – please book a 30 minute FREE CONSULT WITH GLS 

In the interim, here are 7 resources and tools that may assist you as you transform the performance capabilities of your legal team:

1. GLS's Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: download this HERE, and read it thoroughly and regularly. It is a wonderful transformation companion

2. GLS Transformation Boot Camp: for our free and hugely successful, 10 week long, email-based boot camp on how to effectively transform your legal team you can SIGN UP HERE

3. GLS Knowledge Centre: click HERE to access lots of informative and instructive white papers, blogs and training resources etc. - all focused on helping to improve your legal team's performance

4. GLS Legal Operations Community: join the GLS Legal Operations Community and collaborate with other in-house leaders as they seek to tackle many of the same performance issues that you face, click here to JOIN NOW

5. Visit GLS Connect: visit the GLS CONNECT PAGE and select the information you would like to receive from the GLS Legal Operations Community

6. GLS Legal Team Transformation Plans: mitigate the risks of transformation failure by taking a GLS TRANSFORMATION SUPPORT PLAN 

7. Register: GLS Legal Operations Centre: REGISTER HERE to access the GLS Legal Operations Centre for free and to receive more than US$20,000 worth of legal team performance resources

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