GLS Launches Weekly In-House Performance Tips Series

All legal teams can efficiently, effectively and safely improve legal team performance by deploying legal operations led transformation strategies.

1 • 13 Mar 23


GLS Launches its Nugget Sized Weekly In-House Wisdom Series

Today we launched our latest GLS Legal Ops Community Initiative - the GLS Weekly In-House Performance Tip series. 

Recognizing that we live in a world of sound-bites - we felt it would be useful to provide helpful and immediately consumable performance based tips that help remind the in-house legal community of simple and safe performance initiatives that can readily be implemented to help combat the high pressure environment that most in-house lawyers operate in.  

Each Monday we post a powerful “bite sized” in-house performance insight to both our LinkedIn Company Page (join us on that page here) and to the GLS Legal Operations Community platform found at

These insights tips focus on what is practical, effective, low risk, typically free, and always easy to implement.  As we say at GLS Group - all in-house legal teams must constantly improve performance - something that can be readily and safely achieved by following strategies that are easy to implement and known to work. 

See them all on the GLS Legal Ops Centre: GLS LEGAL OPERATIONS TIPS


The GLS Group Legal Operations Community

Join the GLS Legal Ops Community for free and see how easy it can be to safely, effectively and affordably transform your legal team.

GLS has established the largest legal operations/transformation community outside of North America.

Our community’s focus is on practical, safe and effective performance strategies for in-house legal teams of all sizes.

Join our community to access a wide range of free in-house legal team performance resources and contribute to the discussion on how in-house teams can achieve improved levels of performance despite finite resource availability.

Check out our community landing page to explore a wide range of powerful transformation initiatives. Joining is free and takes just 20 seconds.

Join us now at the GLS Legal Operations Community to access like minded in-house professionals committed to constant legal team performance improvements and better in-house career outcomes. 

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