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GLS Legal Operations Community: 2023 - Year in Review

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• 04 Dec 23


"As we celebrate our 10th year working exclusively with in-house legal teams to boost performance - it is with huge satisfaction that we reflect on 2023 and know that it has been our best year yet. We have become the organisation we wanted to be - a trusted partner, an industry leader, a contributor, a disruptor - and above all - a problem solver."  

Matthew Glynn (Managing Director, GLS Group)

GLS Legal Operations: A Remarkable 2023 Year in Review

As we reflect on the extraordinary strides made by the GLS Legal Operations Community in 2023, it's clear that our commitment to pro-active knowledge sharing and transformation initiatives for the betterment of the in-house legal community has propelled us to the inarguable position as the clear industry leader when it comes to in-house performance & legal operations support across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 

Throughout the course of 2023, we have delivered on our commitment to be the epi-centre of in-house performance & legal operations thought leadership, innovation and knowledge share - making us the largest and most active community outside of North America. 

A few of our 2023 highlights that we have delivered to the community include: 

Legal Team Empowerment Through Training Sessions: we delivered 10 free in-house legal team training sessions designed to help in-house and legal ops teams access the knowledge foundations needed for better legal team performance. You can access a backlog of all our webinar via the GLS Knowledge Centre. Our 2024 GLS Legal Ops Training Agenda is now also available and makes us a global leader in free in-house training. 

Community Growth and Engagement: Our efforts led to an astounding growth, attracting over 4,000 members to the GLS Legal Operations Community. This vibrant community is now a hub for collaboration, innovation, and collective knowledge.

Authoritative Guide: GLS Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: We took a bold step by publishing the 'GLS Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations,' offering a comprehensive resource that has quickly become a staple for in-house legal professionals. Our Guide has been distributed to over 10,000 in-house lawyers and has received outstanding reviews.

Expanded GLS Legal Operations Centre: we rebranded and relaunched a greatly expanded GLS Legal Operations Centre - the worlds largest online in-house legal resources stack - instantly making available more than 850+ resources that an in-house legal team might need to boost performance - from agile resourcing, legal tech, templates & documentation, through to detailed trainings and knowledge resources. You can register for free if you have not. 

Corporate Subscriber Milestone on LinkedIn: Our LinkedIn presence soared with over 1600 corporate subscribers, solidifying our influence and outreach to a wider professional audience. Please do follow our corporate page on LI - it does actually help us.

Innovative Learning with GLS Legal Operations Boot Camp: The launch of the GLS Legal Operations Boot Camp has provided a dynamic and immersive learning experience, equipping our community with practical skills for the real-world challenges of winning support for a legal team transformation and then successfully delivering it. 

Enhanced Onboarding with Welcome Pack: We expanded our Welcome Pack experience, ensuring that every newcomer to the GLS Legal Operations Centre receives a comprehensive introduction to our community's resources. You can download an overview of the Free Welcome Pack resource inventory right here. 

GLS Connect Zone: A Personalized Experience: The introduction of the GLS Connect Zone now allows in-house teams to design a tailored legal ops/in-house intelligence feed  through a selection of more than 30 in-house specific performance theme intelligence feeds, fostering a customized and efficient learning environment. 

Prolific Content Creation: We posted over 100 pieces of in-house/legal operations content, we've been a consistent source of valuable information, insights, and best practices. Follow our corporate page on LI to ensure you receive all our content or enroll via the GLS Connect Zone.

Legal Team Transformation with Tube Map: We pioneered the GLS Legal Team Transformation Tube Map, an interactive planning tool that empowers legal teams to strategically navigate their transformation journey. This tool is a first-of-its kind and offers the most detailed DNA level view of what it takes to successfully transform your in-house team that has ever been published publicly. 

Benchmarking Excellence with GLS Quick Quotes: The relaunch of GLS Quick Quotes, a free benchmarking tool for cost proposals, reinforces our commitment to transparency and fairness in legal engagements. This tool is available to all members who have registered on the GLS Legal Operations Centre

Global Reach with Legal Technology Roadshows: The GLS Legal Technology Roadshow reached new heights, touring Singapore and Saudi Arabia, bringing cutting-edge legal tech insights to professionals across borders. We visited more than 100 clients/potential clients. 

Expanded Knowledge Center: Our GLS Knowledge Centre expanded its searchable content library to cover the 13 most crucial in-house topics, consolidating our position as the go-to resource for in-house legal insights. This searchable resource is now a leading knowledge resource for the in-house community. 

In 2023, the GLS Legal Operations Community has not just accomplished milestones; we've redefined the landscape of knowledge sharing, community building, and transformative legal operations. Our commitment to providing the most extensive training curriculum and support resources across South East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, all offered freely, underscores our belief that in-house teams are pivotal in driving sustainable legal team transformation.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we recognize that our journey is far from over. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, break new ground, and inspire the legal community at large. Thank you for being part of this incredible year of growth and achievement with GLS Legal Operations.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to a bigger and better performance in 2024. And of course, if you want your in-house team to thrive - use the resources we have made available, join our initiatives, and if you need more support than this - reach out and work with us. 

We look forward to your company in 2024.


Please check out the GLS solutions and know-how resources listed on the right side of this page – they might assist your legal team with the issues explored in this Blog. 

Of course, if you would like discuss your transformation needs – please book a 30 minute FREE CONSULT WITH GLS 

In the interim, here are 7 resources and tools that may assist you as you transform the performance capabilities of your legal team:

1. GLS's Ultimate Guide to Legal Operations: download this HERE, and read it thoroughly and regularly. It is a wonderful transformation companion

2. GLS Transformation Boot Camp: for our free and hugely successful, 10 week long, email-based boot camp on how to effectively transform your legal team you can SIGN UP HERE

3. GLS Knowledge Centre: click HERE to access lots of informative and instructive white papers, blogs and training resources etc. - all focused on helping to improve your legal team's performance

4. GLS Legal Operations Community: join the GLS Legal Operations Community and collaborate with other in-house leaders as they seek to tackle many of the same performance issues that you face, click here to JOIN NOW

5. Visit GLS Connect: visit the GLS CONNECT PAGE and select the information you would like to receive from the GLS Legal Operations Community

6. GLS Legal Team Transformation Plans: mitigate the risks of transformation failure by taking a GLS TRANSFORMATION SUPPORT PLAN 

7. Register: GLS Legal Operations Centre: REGISTER HERE to access the GLS Legal Operations Centre for free and to receive more than US$20,000 worth of legal team performance resources

© The GLS Group - Law Rewritten

Key Observations & Tips:

  • Industry Leader: The GLS Legal Ops community is by far the most active legal ops community outside of North America
  • In-House Dedicated: our activities are exclusively directed at achieving enhanced in-house legal team & career outcomes
  • Differentiated: no other organization (industry body, private company, or member association) has rivalled our commitment to knowledge share
  • Resource Leader: no other organization offers the free and paid resources we offer to the in-house / legal ops community
  • Operational Independence: our efforts are focused on building more independent and resourceful in-house teams
  • In-House Careers: our initiatives underscore that what is good for the lawyer is also good for the legal team - aligned/compatible development theory
  • Just Beginning: 10 years in - we are just beginning - we will do far better in 2024 - and we hope you will join us
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