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GLS News - New Contracting Playbook Launched

1 min • 19 Jun 23


GLS Group today launched a further expansion to its highly successful contract function “Playbook” series. Already one of its most popular in-house legal resources, GLS has now released a 2.0 version of its Contracting Playbook offering that includes variations for both Customer and Supplier perspectives.

Whilst the “Customer” focused tool has historically been an exceptionally popular in-house resource, in response to increased demand, particularly for Tier 2 sized MNCs, GLS developed the Supplier facing version, which is now available on the GLS Legal Operations Centre.

The Playbook’s popularity reflects the extraordinary contribution that it can make to the in-house legal team’s performance. And, as contracting is such a high profile in-house legal team support function, doing it well drives overall in-house legal team value recognition. 

GLS Global Managing Director, Matt Glynn, stated that: 

“The Playbook allows in-house teams to leverage up their contract support performance by ensuring immediate access to high quality guidance on policy, positions, and arguments is available to the entire negotiation team. Frankly, more emphasis should be placed on solutions like Playbooks before in-house teams look to headline-grabbing CLMS solutions."

To learn more about the power of Playbooks, do check out our the blog Legal Ops Tools: The Contract Playbook  

To review the various options GLS makes available for this tool, simply visit GLS Contract Negotiation Playbook™

About GLS Group

GLS Group is a leading global provider of in-house legal team resources and performance solutions. We make it safe, easy and affordable for in-house legal teams to demonstrably improve their performance – wherever in the world they are located. 

Across 7 distinct business divisions, we provide the resources, strategy and personnel in-house and legal operations teams need to assist in-house legal teams to increase performance levels and value recognition in the typically constrained resource environments in which they operate. 

Our flagship offering, the GLS Legal Operations Centre, is the world’s largest online platform of in-house tools and resources needed to optimise legal team performance. 

Our transformation consultancy support solutions cover the audit, solution design, implementation and optimisation phases of a legal team’s transformation journey. 

Our integrated solutions act as both “change agents” and “force multipliers” to drive in-house legal team performance whilst also enhancing the career trajectories of in-house lawyers. 

We operate the largest legal operations community outside of North America – our “practical” knowledge share (including white papers, master classes and community events) surpasses all legal operations organisations globally. 

With more than 800+ in-house resources and hundreds of successful transformation projects completed – GLS Group is ready to support the transformation of your legal team.

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