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GLS Masterclass: What is the Market Looking For?

1 min • 07 Sep 23


Who should attend

  • Heads of Department: Heads of Legal, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers 
  • In-House Lawyers: In-house counsel, attorneys and lawyers
  • Transformation Professionals: Legal teams are no longer excluded from transformation
  • Procurement Professionals / CFOs: Legal is a meaningful spend category and it must be optimized
  • Compliance Officers: The Compliance domain similarly faces the in-house challenge
  • Contract Staff: Contract Managers, Contract Administrators - it is your future
  • Regulators: You must understand operating conditions within the industry
  • Law Societies: In-House teams are a significant constituency in your membership demographics


About This Seminar

This seminar will explore the following themes:

  • Recent in-house recruitment trends
  • The changing landscape of desired in-house skills sets
  • Factors driving in-house personnel movements
  • The key skill sets for the future



Aaron Faith

Director of Marsden International

Aaron set up the Dubai office of Marsden and is their most experienced legal search consultant specialising in senior level and In-House and Private Practice placements across the Middle East & Emerging Markets.

Before joining the recruitment industry, Aaron was a lawyer at large international firms and smaller niche practices.  He lives and works in Dubai with his family and offers great insight into the realities of working and living in different regions.

Aaron is passionate about the law and in his spare time he lectures at Middlesex University (Dubai) on their LLB programme.

Nicholas Brocklebank 


Nicholas is a Director of In-House Transformation with the GLS Group, a leading legal disruptor that delivers 24/7/365 access to the worlds largest in-house legal team resource platform that helps in-house legal teams to improve performance outcomes.

Be it by A.I. based contract reviews, contract automation solutions or by architecting high-performance legal teams, GLS Group provides access to world class solutions at a disruptive price point.

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