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In-House Legal Tip: Problem Solve Always

In-House Performance: Become an in-house problem solver

2 minutes • 23 Nov 23


A valuable North Star against which you can reliably navigate your in-house career is being a problem solver.

An in-house lawyer who develops keen problem-solving skills will forever be in high demand. Here's why:

  • Strategic Edge: problem solvers graduate from being just lawyers, to corporate enablers
  • Smooth Sailing: they eliminate issues before they arise wherever possible
  • Dynamic Collaborators: problem solvers enjoy collaborative relationships with the Business.
  • Business Fusion: legal strategies are intertwined with corporate goals
  • Culture Catalyst: problem solvers by their very nature propagate a “can do” attitude.
  • Client-Centricity: the problem solver is always seen as a client enabler and welcomed as such.
  • Value Creator: fixing problems has always been considered a corporate asset.

Not every problem can be fixed, but every problem can be mitigated.

Conducting your practice as an in-house lawyer through the lens of “problem-solving” is a must.

At the end of the day your client wants you to make it happen (eg the deal) or go away (the problem).

So, become known as a dedicated problem solver in the context of your organization.

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