GLS Business Continuity Planning™

Anticipate and mitigate against disruptions to your business

The Problem

You do not have a Business Continuity Plan. Your ability to weather an operational interruption is anyone’s guess.

Related challenges include:

  • data breaches, server outages, weather emergencies and other crises can be extremely costly
  • 75% of businesses hit by a major operational disaster fail within 3 years of the event
  • your response to a crisis can impact how your customers and the public view your business
  • your customers are increasingly requesting visibility on your BCP
  • the increased instances of major business disruption means ignoring the risk is not feasible
  • an absent BCP may well violate certain portions of your business interruption insurance
  • the effectiveness of your crises response correlates to the extent of pre-event preparation

If you don’t have time to properly put in place a BCP plan for your business now, when will you? After the disruption event?

The GLS Solution

GLS Business Continuity Plan™ guides you through the methodologies you will need to formulate an ever increasingly robust set of contingency processes and protocols, and thereby minimise the potential impact of adverse scenarios.

Regardless of the disaster scenario, planning your organisation’s response by reference to an established methodology allows for the efficient emergence of a robust and practical BCP solution.

For a detailed overview of the topics covered by GLS Business Continuity Plan™ please review our solution content index by clicking "View Sample Solution". 

Problem solved.

Solution Deliverables

BCP Manual:GLS Business Continuity Plan™ will provide you with a comprehensive set of “best practice” methodologies, principals, considerations, templates and guidance notes so that you can implement a robust BCP within your organisation.

(See View Sample Solution)
BCP Legal Consultation:GLS will work with you to design, test and implement a bespoke Business Continuity Plan for your business.
BCP Audit:If required, GLS will conduct an audit of your organisation’s existing business continuity protocols and resources.
BCP Testing:It is not enough to simply create a plan and then store it on the shelf where no one can make full use of it – plans should be regularly tested and improved.

Solution SLA Options and US$ Pricing

Column oneColumn twoColumn threeColumn fourColumn five
BCP Manual
BCP Audit
BCP Consultation
BCP Testing
Price (excl. VAT) $4,000$5,000$8,900$12,000

GLS RPLV Legal Operations Score

This solution’s GLS RPLV impact score:

Resource Status: Specialist Repeater Formative
Ease of Implementation: Complex Average Easy
Value Demonstration/Visibility: Low Medium High
Productivity Leverage Profile: Low Medium High
IHL Line Optimisation: Single Multiple All Lines

IHL Critical Function Optimisation Targets

This solution enhances performance across the following critical in-house functions:

In-House Legal: Critical Functions / Processes

General Counsel


GLS has identified 15 critical in-house processes/functions that are present in every world-class legal department. To learn what these functions are, their composition and how they interrelate to deliver efficient legal team performance outcomes - visit here.



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