The GLS Legal Operations Centre

We built the ultimate in-house legal department resource platform so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GLS Legal Operations Centre (“LOC”) is the world’s most comprehensive in-house legal team resource platform that helps in-house legal teams boost productivity and performance, whilst reducing costs.

Each of the 800+ productivity tools and managed solutions delivers emphatic problem-solving outcomes for critical in-house activities/functions, and has been designed to enhance continuous legal team performance transformation.

You can think of the LOC as the “Amazon platform” specifically for the in-house legal community where you can instantly gain access to the resources, strategy and manpower solutions your legal team needs to thrive. 

Your in-house team must achieve more with less – and the only way to do that is by using what you have got “time, budget and skills” more productivity. The LOC helps you make this happen by giving you access to an impressive array of force multiplying in-house legal team resources. 

Your legal team can now simply “plug in” to the LOC to gain instant access to an unprecedented array of disruptively priced resources designed specifically for the in-house community.

There is no need for you to source, pay, implement and maintain any of these resources – we have done that for you – allowing you to simply access whatever you need from a full spectrum of resources specifically designed to support the optimal performance of your legal team.

Need a [lawyer, precedent, checklist, policy, AI contract review, cost reduction strategy, proof reading solution, contract automation, training program, etc] – the LOC has got you covered. 

The LOC helps you reduce legal team spend, improve legal team efficiency and adjust legal team focus to more strategically important matters. 

Anyone anywhere now has access to the resources that historically only the most well-resourced legal teams could dream of accessing – and without having to pay to secure, maintain and operate them. 

Accessing the LOC does not currently require any “paid membership” – all legal teams globally are free to access our platform and simply pay for what they consume. 

Simply register on the LOC for free and enjoy two easy ways to access the support resources you need to support your legal team as follows: 

One-at-a-time: No commitments – just disruptive pricing on templates, checklists, audit tools, and everything else you need. Register for free to unlock USD20,000+ worth of free trial resources. 

GLS Total Legal Support™: Give your in-house team everything it needs whenever it needs it. Make our platform your platform with a pre-paid account that delivers extensive additional cost-saving benefits.

You can learn more about GLS Total Legal Support™ right here

The LOC is an essential support resource for anyone whose job it is to meet the legal support requirements of a business with finite legal function resources. Specific use cases include:

  • In-house lawyers lacking the resources they need to operate most effectively 
  • Busy in-house legal teams that want to boost their productivity 
  • Businesses looking to enhance the capabilities of their legal teams 
  • 1-person "legal teams" that need to leverage their expertise and capacity 
  • Large legal teams looking to introduce standardized and effective practices 

Legal teams looking for world-class resources at more affordable prices

Absolutely.  You can simply register on the LOC for free right here and you will instantly get access to a wide range of “solutions” for you to try – that are of real value – indeed more than USD20K if you sourced them from a law firm, excluding the millions spent on the underlying tech.

As a lawyer, you will appreciate that legal team resources are not like “Spotify” – so we cannot give you a free trial of every one of our solutions for a month to see if you want to buy. But we can give you access to our precedents, legal ops tools, training resources … and much more.

You can book a free appointment right here or simply register for free on the LOC, and we will send you a detailed Welcome Pack and a series of automated emails that effectively introduces how the LOC can help your in-house legal team to achieve more with less. 

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