GLS Legal Team Support & Transformation Plans™ - Silver

Providing the core infrastructure needed to effectively transform your legal team

Each GLS Legal Team Support & Transformation Plan™ is a curated selection of vital resources to help you to optimise the performance of your legal team. Our plans not only address your immediate support requirements, they will also help you to transform your legal team in a structured, sequenced, low risk and high impact manner.

The Problem

Your legal team is looking to significantly accelerate its transformation activities across a fuller spectrum of its operations and demonstrably increase performance outcomes.

Related considerations of this team include: 

  • You are looking for substantive interventions across most IHL Critical Functions
  • Your initiatives must still prioritize immediate areas of need
  • You must reduce dependency on external counsel
  • You require hard data to validate team performance
  • You worry transformation efforts will distract you from meeting current workloads
  • You would like to utilize legal tech but are not sure how
  • Your focus remains on achieving success safely with minimal disruptions
  • You are looking to formalize complete overall solution blueprints for change
  • You want this process to assist in formalizing your internal legal operations capability
  • You want your legal team to feel confident that the business is supporting it
  • You want this initiative to deliver a differentiated IHL career experience
  • You are keen to prove legal ops can provide effective/efficient relief

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply access a proven, comprehensive plan for effective transformation AND the tools, resources and expertise to implement it in an extremely cost-effective and low risk manner that helps you realize these goals?

The GLS Solution

A GLS Best Seller

GLS Legal Team Support & Transformation Plan™ (Silver) delivers immediate structure, purpose and cost-effective implementation capabilities to your overall IHL Transformation initiatives, in a low-risk manner – making them a perfect “backbone” IHL transformation resource. 

Our Silver plan is perfect for the following IHL team profile: 

  • Primary Goal: to significantly accelerate your transformation activities across a broader range of key IHL Critical Functions.
  • Method: to efficiently implement a growing number of individual initiatives to the benefit of multiple IHL Critical Functions, driving multiplier effect productivity gains for the team.
  • Readiness: this team has some familiarity with legal operations initiatives and is looking to cement its case for permanent legal operations led improvements to team performance.
  • Key Consideration: this team wants to do more but needs confidence that “doing more” will not disrupt its business-as-usual role. This team is also looking for hard data that shows its success so as to justify increased formalization of its legal operations capability.
  • Cost Comparable: this Plan delivers a Discount Impact* of 25% and costs around 60% of a mid-level lawyer’s annual salary.
  • Targeted IHL Functions: this Plan spans 14 of the 15 IHL Critical Functions, with continued substantive optimization on 11 of the 15 IHL Critical Functions (see the GLS Legal Transformation Tube Map).

The full deliverables of this plan are set out in the Plan Prospectus and are deemed included in your plan on purchase. 

Problem solved. 

Solution Deliverables

GLS Legal Team Support & Transformation Plans™

Key Features

Clear goals:

each Plan focuses on clear and achievable IHL Transformation goals. 

Quick Wins:

each Plan includes reliable “quick win” initiatives to help you build program credibility.

Workload Aligned:

our Plans target immediate Business-as-Usual ("BAU") relief scenarios, but in a transformative way.

Successful Implementation:

our Plans enjoy high implementation success rates globally.

Strategic Interventions:

our Plans are based on scientifically justified optimization interventions.

De-risked Implementation:

our Plans are built to overcome most anticipated obstacles.

Visible Results:

our Plans are designed to deliver highly visible results to the underlying Business.

Low Risk Profile:

our Plans have an extremely low risk implementation profile.

User Friendly:

our Plans feature effective end user engagement and change management profiles.

Exceptionally Cost Effective:

our Plans represent exceptionally cost-effective solution sourcing.


our Plans include “configurable” modules to tailor to your preferences.

Plug n Play:

our Plans are easy to understand, procure and implement – simply plug n play.

Managed Delivery:

our Plans  (Silver & Gold) are supported by GLS proprietary implementation methodology.

World Class Outcomes:

each intervention is designed to deliver world class performance.

RPLV Compliant:

our Plans are calibrated against GLS’s proprietary RPLV decision making framework (see RPLV decision making here).

Annually Renewable:

our plans are renewable to help support your ongoing and evolving transformation needs

Comprehensive Inclusions:

see the detailed Sales Prospectus for a line item of all inclusions.

Legal Docs in Your Library

Bronze Silver Gold
Accordo di Riservatezza
Board Resolution – Adopt Audited Accounts
Board Resolution – Amend Constitution
Board Resolution – Appoint Auditor
Board Resolution – Change of Company Name
Board Resolution – Declaration of Dividends
Board Resolution – Director Appointment
Board Resolution – Director Resignation
Board Resolution – Entering into a Loan Agreement
Board Resolution – Entering into an Agreement
Board Resolution – Grant Power of Attorney
Board Resolution – Issue & Allot Shares
Board Resolution – Open Bank Account
Board Resolution – Share Transfer
Employment Agreement (General Staff)
Founders Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Non-Disclosure Agreement (English)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Russian)
Perjanjian Kerahasiaan GLS™
Privacy Policy (Website/App)
Purchase Order
Shareholder Resolution – Adopt Audited Accounts
Shareholder Resolution – Amend Constitution
Shareholder Resolution – Appoint Auditor
Shareholder Resolution – Change of Company Name
Shareholder Resolution – Declaration of Dividends
Shareholder Resolution – Director Appointment  
Shareholder Resolution – Director Resignation
Shareholder Resolution – Entering into a Loan Agreement
Shareholder Resolution – Entering into an Agreement
Shareholder Resolution – Grant Power of Attorney
Shareholder Resolution – Issue & Allot Shares
Shareholder Resolution – Open a Bank Account
Shareholder Resolution – Share Transfer
Terms & Conditions (Website/App)
Commissioners’ Approval of a Transaction (Bahasa)
Convertible Loan Note
Cookie Policy
Directors Duties Training Manual
Employee Share Option Plan
Employee Warning Letter
Employment Agreement (Key Staff / Executives)
IP Licensing Agreement
Influencer Services Agreement
Intragroup IP Assignment
Letter of Demand
Services Agreement
Settlement Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Supply of Goods Agreement
Branding Guidelines
Business Ethics Policy
Consultancy Services Agreement
Data Processing Agreement (Short)
Data Protection Policy
Diversity Policy
Employee Handbook
Employment Termination Letter
Environmental Policy (Basic)
External Legal Counsel Policy
Framework Services Agreement
Health & Safety Policy
Human Rights Policy
IP Assignment Agreement
Intragroup IP Licence
Joint Venture Agreement
Labour Rights Policy
Managed Services Agreement
Outsourcing Agreement
SaaS Agreement
Share Subscription Agreement (basic)
Shareholder Loan Agreement
Software Maintenance Agreement
Term Sheet (Commercial)
Term Sheet (Investment)

Solution SLA Options and US$ Pricing

Column oneColumn twoColumn threeColumn fourColumn five
Discount Impact*Monthly Pricing**Annual Price
Silver25% $10,600 pm$127,200
Important Notes:

* Plan based Discounts do not apply to the cost of personnel based deliverables including: GLS Overflow™; GLS Manpower™ and/or other transformation consultancy based Solutions that require GLS personnel to deliver.

** All Plans are billed annually and an additional 15% off discount is available for 2 year subscriptions


per month
(excl gst)

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